Donald Clayton Porter's

"White Indian Series"

From the producer of Wagons West and the Kent Family Chronicles comes a sweeping saga of war and heroism at the birth of a nation. THE WHITE INDIAN SERIES. (Originally called The Colonization of America Series) The compelling story of America's birth and the equally exciting adventures of an English child raised as a Seneca.

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The White Indian Series

The White Indian - Book I
Spirit Knife - Book XV
The Renegade - Book II
Manitou - Book XVI
War Chief - Book III
Seneca Warrior - Book XVII
The Sachem - Book IV
Father of Waters - Book XVIII
Renno - Book V
Fallen Timbers - Book XIX
Tomahawk - Book VI
Sachem's Son - Book XX
War Cry - Book VII
Sachem's Daughter - Book XXI
Ambush - Book VIII
Seneca Patriots - Book XXII
Seneca - Book IX
Hawk's Journey - Book XXIII
Cherokee - Book X
Father and Son - Book XXIV
Choctaw - Book XI
War Clouds - Book XXV
Seminole - Book XII
Red Stick - Book XXVI
War Drums - Book XIII
Creek Thunder - Book XXVII
Apache - Book XIV
Medicine Shield - Book XXVIII
* The Colonization of America Series
Also accredited with:

Winning the West Series
Book 1: Rio Grande
Book 2: Fort Laramie

Taming the West series
Pony Express


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